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Alice's Tall Texan Drive Inn

Alice's Tail Texan Drive Inn is a real classic for everyone out here in the Scenic Woods area, and is perfect for any bar hoppers looking for fun! This dive bar with the low-low-low prices is just the greatest. They serve their super cheap beer in huge goblets so you really get your money's worth and then some! We're talking about a full 18 ounces for just a buck fifty or a buck seventy-five! Cheap, cheap, cheap! We love it. They've got a couple of televisions here that are always showing one sports game or another, and we just love all the Western themed things that are scattered around, plus all those retro beer signs they have collected over the years.

4904 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009

(713) 862-0141

D&T Drive Inn

D&T Drive Inn is another fantastic bar in the Scenic Woods area! Awesome bar, great backyard area complete with picnic tables, and plenty of TVs! The prices are middle of the road here, so you won't have to pay an arm and a leg but you also get great quality. The beer flights are just awesome and everybody loves their shandy. The craft and local beers that are offered here are beyond impressive. The frozen sangria is another delight! The Frito pie is something that you'll certainly want to dig into if given the chance. The best nights are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but Saturday's their late night when they stay open til 1.

1307 Enid St, Houston, TX 77009

(713) 868-6165

The Pastry War

Looking for a nice cocktail bar where you and your party bus group can meet up? The Pastry War is the one we'd recommend to you. They have a couple of different sections here, one more rowdy and one more quiet, so you can choose your seating area based on what you're in the mood for. They've got some absolutely delicious drinks to dive into here, including the pear and clove sour and the house margarita! The mango daiquiri raspada is really wonderful and we love the ponche mule. If you love pumpkin, try the Michigan Man Goes South! Served year round. Take that, pumpkin spice latte! Also try the bravo blanco bravo. If you're there to eat, the tamales are where it's at. No TVs here and no outdoor seating. They keep it simple and we like it that way.

310 Main, Houston, TX 77002

(713) 226-7770

Pappa's Bar-B-Q

Pappa's Bar-B-Q is one of the most popular destinations anyone who finds themselves hungry in the Scenic Woods area, and we definitely know why! Of course, it's all about the ice cold beer, the piping hot barbecue, and even that fresh toppings bar that nobody can ever get enough of! Talk about crafting a meal of your own design. The options are endless here. They've got rib-and-wings packs to-go, and those are obviously a great choice when you're watching the game at home, but they're also superb to enjoy in the Limo Bus Houston vehicle! Our favorite thing here is the barbecue beef brisket. Mm-mmm-mmm! There are televisions here for sports and even outdoor seating. More than enough room for your party bus groups even in our biggest buses!

7007 Hwy 59 S, Houston, TX 77074

(713) 772-4557