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Wakefield CrowBar

Wakefield CrowBar is without a doubt one of Limo Bus Houston's favorite bars in the Rosslyn area! Our customers have raved about this place and we think it will be ideally suited for your upcoming trip with us. It's a large and spacious establishment where your party bus group will fit right in. The beer selection is not huge but it's simple and well chosen, and sometimes that's all you need. The grilled chicken sandwiches are really excellent here and we love the chicken tenders too. If you're the active type, you might want to check out the sand volleyball courts outside! If you're more the type to relax indoors, you will really enjoy how cozy it is. Wakefield is open until midnight Sunday through Thursday, and until 2:00AM on Friday and Saturday.

954 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018

(713) 686-8388

Plonk! Beer & Wine Bistro

Plonk! Beer & Wine Bistro is an awesome little places, and it's been getting a lot of rave reviews as of late! It's somehow both modern and rustic at the same time, very comfortable and inviting, and it doubles easily as both wine bar and beer bar! Not everyone can pull that off! The bar area is nothing short of gorgeous and you'll love sitting there and trying beer after beer or wine after wine. But it's not just about the libations here! It's also about the food. They have a Guanciale burger that will blow your taste buds away, and we also love the crab cakes as well as the firecracker pizza! No matter what you order here, you are sure to be treated to the full-flavor experience. They are always high quality and totally delish!

1214 West 43rd Street, Houston, TX 77018

(713) 290-1070

Petrol Station

Petrol Station is another bar that we think is worth a visit when you're out here with us, and what's the big draw here? Too many to break it down to just one thing! It begins with the traditional American bar vibe, which is cozy and relaxing. You will feel right at home. The food is also a major perk here, with such delicious items as mac and cheese and thick juicy burgers! The Rancor burger is the one that they are best known for, and we highly recommend it to you! No matter what burger you get, we highly recommend topping it with a fried egg and maybe some bacon! Mmm. The ultimate. The craft beer selection is pretty impressive, and we are talking on draft, not in bottles. Nice!

985 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018

(713) 957-2875


Sassafras is a combination of a wine bar and a dive bar, and we think you'll be quite shocked at how well those two concepts go together. After all, haven't we all had enough of the pretentious wine bars and the understocked dive bars? This way you get no pretense and a huge selection, plus great service! We just love it. Our Rosslyn area Limo Bus Houston customers are always requesting this place as a destination and we don't blame them one bit! The sangria is superb and we love the beer. The fact that this is brought to you by the same people as Big Star Bar and Grand Prize Bar explains why it's so fabulous. Moderate pricing, outdoor seating, and TVs for sports! Happy hour pricing too!

5022 Pinemont Dr, Houston, TX 77092

(832) 804-9079