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Big Bertha’s

Big Bertha's is the go-to neighborhood bar in Montgomery, located at 12802 Walden Rd. There is a crowd of regulars who come here, so you can bet that this establishment has some staples that you need to try. The owner is from Poland, and ensures you're having a good time.

(936) 582-6564


Wolfies is a sports pub that has amazing chicken wings, and you can find them at 14954 Hwy 105 W. They're known to be friendly to everybody who walks in the doors, which always adds to your dining out experience. Order a beer or two at Wolfies, you won't regret it.

(936) 588-8200

Cozy Grape

The Cozy Grape offers fantastic wine and entree selections at a convenient location, 14340 Liberty St in Montgomery! They have an outdoor area, and this restaurant is growing quickly due to their deals on delicious locals wines and food.

(832) 461-9892

Yoi Sushi Bar

Are you in the mood for sushi? How about a side of sake or an Oriental inspired cocktail? If this sounds good to you, you'll certainly want to head over to 600 La Torretta Blvd. They're serving the best sushi in the area, without a doubt.

(936) 448-4400

Phil’s Roadhouse & Grill

Phil's Roadhouse & Grill is a barbeque establishment with a large selection of delicious beer. Whether you're a fan of craft beer, microbrewed beer, imported or draft selections, you'll find it all at 14075 Liberty St in Montgomery.

(936) 597-6733

Sam’s Boat

How does a relaxing drink by the lake sound? If that's something that's up your alley, set your GPS to 15250 Hwy 105 W. You'll find Sam's Boat, a bar and restaurant with a large following in Montgomery. With their amazing drink specials, you can't blame the locals for coming here!

(936) 588-1212

Shanahan’s Bar & Grill

Everybody in Montgomery loves Shanahan's! They do a great job of servicing the busy crowds here, as your glass will never go dry here. You'll get the best service at 18020 Hwy 105 W, and some high quality pilsner selections to keep you happy.

(936) 582-6410

Daiquiri Cabana

If you've never been to the Daiquiri Cabana, you're sure to love this establishment. This isn't just a wine bar, it's also a coffeeshop and tobacco store, so you can subdue all of your vices at 16145 Hwy 105 W in Montgomery. Stop by today!

(936) 828-3084