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Taqueria El Charro

Taqueria El Charro is a super affordable and comfortable Mexican restaurant that we're confident you'll love. The juice bar is our favorite part of the restaurant, always with fresh fruits to concoct amazing juice blends from. They're perhaps best known for their breakfasts, and that's definitely the prime time to be there! Nothing like a hearty Mexican breakfast to start your Limo Bus Houston trip off right! The breakfast burrito is what it's all about. If you're there for lunch, you'll love the tostadas. We love the shrimp too, especially when Gulf jumbo shrimp are in season! Mmm. Awesome loud juke box here too! This place really fits the description "hole in the wall," and we mean that with love!

1607 Holland Avenue, Jacinto City, TX 77029

(713) 450-1628

El Oasis

El Oasis gets a lot of love from every person who enjoys a meal here, and we know why! It's all about those famous preparadas, these incredible Mexican drinks that are concocted from your choice of flavored Smirnoff vodkas, fresh fruit, chili powder, and lime! Mmm! We'd happily travel miles for those, and you get to do so in the comfort of a cushy Limo Bus Houston vehicle. Matter of fact, picking up some of these yummy drinks and taking them on the bus sounds like a trip made in heaven, doesn't it? This is really just the coolest Mexican bar with plenty of space for you and your entire group of friends, no matter how large. Definitely one that's worth checking out when you're on the road with us in Jacinto City!

1418 Holland St, Houston, TX 77029

(713) 637-0502

Pappasito's Cantina

Pappasito's Cantina is a Tex-Mex haven for our Limo Bus Houston customers in Jacinto City. This isn't really a barbecue place but they've still got some of the best ribs in town. We also love the steak and shrimp. We could just nosh on their whole menu all day long, so delicious! The fajitas are probably the most popular thing on the menu, and they're so good that it's hard to move onto other things to try, but take our word for it that everything is delish. Other favorites include the tequila lime salad with shrimp and the beef enchiladas. We also love the fact that they make the guacamole fresh table side for you! A very nice touch. There's a full bar here for your enjoyment and they've got some truly noteworthy specialty cocktails.

11831 I-10 E, Houston, TX 77029

(713) 455-8378

El Imperial Mexican Restaurant

Finally we come to our last recommendation for the Jacinto City area, and that's El Imperial Mexican Restaurant. This is one of the most affordable places on our list and in the area, and it's also one of the very best. We always think of the bar area first when we think of this place, so cozy with TVs for sports. If you're there to eat, you will go crazy over their huge menu. We're always impressed with the food offering here and it's definitely one of the best sized menus we've ever seen! Beyond impressive. You will be able to find some really unique and authentic items here that you will not find elsewhere. If you're familiar with this area, you know that this is one of the longest standing establishments, so it's worth a visit on that merit alone! Top notch!

818 Federal Rd, Houston, TX 77015

(713) 451-1220