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Rizo's Sports Bar

One thing that's always in high demand from Limo Bus Houston customers is a great sports bar in which to party and let loose, and when your trips with us lead you to the Highlands area of Texas, you can be sure that we'll recommend Rizo's Sports Bar to you! They've got some of the cheapest drinks in town and yet they are never watered down, always good and strong, and the beer selection is good in bottles though there's only one choice on draft (Bud Lite). Music junkies will enjoy hitting up the juke box while they're there... it's really packed with all the hits, just overflowing with the good stuff. There's not a ton of food available here, just a nice standard menu of bar fare, and it's all very good. Burgers, fries, cheese sticks, etc!

2924 E Wallisvile Rd, Highlands, TX 77562

(281) 426-8500

The Sunset

The Sunset is a fantastic pub located within the Highlands part of Limo Bus Houston's service area, and it's one that we'd highly recommend when you're looking for a place to party and have fun with your group. Lots of space here and you will really feel right at home. This space is always filled with happy locals and regulars, living it up and celebrating life. Very uplifting atmosphere thanks to that, and nice clean surroundings too, tidy and sparkling. The beer is always ice cold and super cheap too! The happy hour prices make it even better. They've got televisions for your sports-watching needs and a great juke box filled with awesome selections. They also have live music and karaoke here. Always something exciting going on!

1701 S Main St, Highlands, TX 77562

(281) 426-3887

Backdraft Bar-Be-Que

Backdraft Bar-Be-Que is a stellar choice if you're on the road with Limo Bus Houston in the Highlands area and craving some amazing barbecue! They really know how to do it! The brisket is our favorite thing, just irresistible and melt-in-your-mouth good! The burgers are fantastic too. Oh, and we've just got to mention that stuffed baked potato with brisket! Really amazing. Can't get enough of that, whether for lunch on its own, or maybe to split up with a few friends alongside your main dish. Mmm! There are televisions here for your sports watching needs, but it's quieter here than what you'd find at a typical sports bar, so very relaxing and chill. Always casual, always fun. The fact that it's so spacious makes it an essential for our groups!

411 S Main St, Highlands, TX 77562

(281) 426-2388

Buffalo Wild Wings

One place that Limo Bus Houston never hesitates to recommend to our customers is Buffalo Wild Wings. This particular location in the Highlands area is really a gem as far as we are concerned. Of course you get that same consistent experience that you expect, but it just seems like the staff is even more warm and friendly than elsewhere, and that they put so much effort into making sure that your visit is a good one, especially when with a large Limo Bus Houston group! The wings and specialty drinks are the stars of the show here... or wait, is it the UFC fights? Or maybe the trivia nights... Perhaps the video games? Wait, what about that juke box? Oh, there are just so many things to put on our favorites list here! Very highly recommended.

6604 Garth Road, Baytown, TX 77521

(281) 421-7606