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Dean's Downtown

If you and your Limo Bus Houston group are seeking a really wonderful cocktail bar and lounge in the Galena Park area, you've got to check out Dean's Downtown. They've got a huge amount of space here for your party bus groups and yet it still has a really cozy neighborhood bar feel. It's just unbelievably relaxing here. We should also mention that they've got new owners as of recently, so if you haven't checked it out since the changeover, make sure that you do! The outdoor seating is also really beautiful and worth a look. Rumor has it that they have the best old fashioneds in Houston, and they also have cocktails on tap here right along with the beers. Cool! An interesting tidbit is that they have the oldest electric elevator in Houston!

316 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

(281) 624-5541

Warren's Inn

Warren's Inn is a very cool dive bar that you and your Limo Bus Houston friends should certainly check out when you're on the road in the Galena Park area. It's not huge but they usually have enough room to accommodate Limo Bus Houston groups with a cozy and intimate feel. The bartenders are just fantastic here and they really know how to mix you a nice stiff drink that is tasty and memorable. The juke box is well stocked with a wide variety of tunes for your enjoyment. If you enjoy La Carafe, you'll be happy to know that Warren's shares the same owner and the same high quality. You can check out Warren's Inn in the Galena Park, Fourth Ward, and Downtown area while out on the town with us.

307 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

(713) 247-9207

Neil's Bahr

Neil's Bahr is an affordable and exciting bar located very conveniently for our Galena Park area Limo Bus Houston customers. This is a nerd haven, with televisions that constantly play The Simpsons, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, plus huge collections of comic books for you to browse through, and even Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games ready to go on old SD TVs. Gotta love that! The drinks are themed too, of course, including our favorites, the Super Mario and the Pikachu. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you'll enjoy Pablo's grill creations, and on the other nights of the week you can always order in from Frank's Pizza or have some Chinese food delivered.

2006 Walker St, Houston, TX 77003

(281) 352-7456

Voodoo Queen

When we asked our Limo Bus Houston customers which places to include on our list of recommendations for the Galena Park area, Voodoo Queen came up perhaps more than any other. We just love the awesome dive bar vibe that they have going on here, and the consistent quality is noteworthy too. The juke box is just filled to the brim with all the hottest hits, and we love the old school black lights here that will make you want to get up and dance in the glow. The fruity mixed drinks are just excellent here, true specialties that you will really enjoy, and they pack a punch too!They are open until 2am every single night so you never have to worry about them closing up shop early

322 Milby St, Houston, TX 77003

(713) 555-5666