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Guidry's Cruisin' Cajun Crawfish

Guidry's Cruisin' Cajun Crawfish is the absolute best local place to be if you are a seafood lover like we are! After just one visit, we're sure that you, like so many others, will just fall in love with this place for their amazing Cajun and Creole flavors! The oysters are a particular fave of ours and we're really in love with the cheesy ones! Mmm! The crawfish is absolutely amazing here, though we have to warn you that it can be crazy packed and hard to get in during crawfish season! The boudain balls are great and the breaded catfish is a must-have! Guidry's has a full bar, and a cocktail menu full of impressive specialty drinks for you to enjoy. Sitting at the bar is really pleasant and it's fun to watch the game here with all of your friends as well. Definitely one of the best in the Deer Park part of Limo Bus Houston's service area!

2113 Center Street, Deer Park, TX 77536

(281) 930-1224

Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet is surely a smart option for you and your friends if you need to accommodate a large group in Deer Park. After all, it's all-you-can-eat at just one affordable price, meaning that even if you are the one paying for the whole group, you won't have to break the bank. And if everyone is paying their own way, it's super affordable for everyone! The Chinese food is absolutely superb and we love the sushi that they serve here, too. The sesame chicken is one of the very best things here and we just love the spare ribs. The cheese puffs are really delish too! Everything is always hot and fresh making this a buffet that is worth your time. The variety of food is very impressive and will surely be a hit with even the largest of groups. They even have a nice selection of beer and wine here, though there isn't a full bar. TVs for sports too! Very nice.

8309 Spencer Hwy, Deer Park, TX 77536

(281) 476-0288

Cattledrive Bar B Que

Calling all barbecue lovers in the Deer Park area! You have got to come and check out Cattledrive Bar B Que with Limo Bus Houston! They are under new management as of very recently, so if you weren't too thrilled with your experience here in the past, it is time to give it another go! It really is wonderful. It's super clean and really a nice atmosphere in which to dine with your good friends. They've got absolutely delicious barbecue here with all that smoky flavor that we can never resist, and we highly recommend their potato salad too, just dee-lish-us! There's absolutely a ton of space for your Limo Bus Houston groups here and it's a very laid back place so it's perfect for casual outings. They do not service alcohol at this BBQ place, but it is still a great place to eat and chat it up with your buddies.

2718 Center St, Deer Park, TX 77536

(281) 930-0801

Baytown Seafood Restaurant

Baytown Seafood Restaurant is one of our all time favorites, and receives the highest of our recommendations in the Deer Park area for our hungry seafood-loving groups of party-goers! The seafood is just amazing on every level here, no matter what you order! The fried shrimp is a weakness of ours, but we're also really in love with their oysters, and we cannot even put into words how much we love their dirty rice and hush puppies! Mmm! If you're a lover of scallops, theirs are fantastic, and they've even got really nice salads and sides here. If you're wanting to watch the game while you nosh on some really delish seafood, you can definitely do that here. There's no outdoor seating, unfortunately, but the inside is so cozy that you'll never want to leave. There is no alcohol here so our hardcore party people might want to pass.

2424 Center St, Deer Park, TX 77536

(281) 476-1000