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John E's Restaurant

John E's Restaurant is a famous one here in the Crosby area and we think it's a smart choice for your Limo Bus Houston groups because they've got so much room for larger parties. They really specialize in delicious Cajun and Creole dishes and they are particularly popular during crawfish season when it's nearly impossible to get in! The rest of the year it's a whole lot easier to get in, and yet the food is still just as mind blowingly good. The fact that they've got a full bar here only makes it more enticing and more ideal for Limo Bus Houston groups. You will be able to watch the game here while you dine and you can even sit outdoors if you like. Their hours aren't too bad either, they are open til 9pm most nights and until 10pm on Fri-Sat for the weekend partiers.

14919 Fm 2100 Rd, Crosby, TX 77532

(281) 328-5341

Charming Cafe

Charming Cafe sounds like it might just be a simple coffee shop and lunch stop, but in actuality it's an excellent sushi bar and Chinese restaurant! The spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls are our favorite things here, and from the Chinese side of the menu, we can't get enough of the triple delight, just packed with meat and seafood to satisfy those taste buds! The miso soup is really delish and we love their tea, whether iced or hot. The prices are unbelievably low, even when feeding a large Limo Bus Houston group on your own dime. TVs for sports but no wi-fi, and no full bar but still a nice selection of beer and wine. Don't let the strip mall location fool you, this is really an impressive place from top to bottom! Very highly recommended for your trip!

14405 FM 2100, Crosby, TX 77532

(281) 328-8128

Iguana Joe's

Iguana Joe's is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the Crosby area. They've got fantastic nachos with yummy guacamole. The summer plate is a great option and we love virtually anything with white wine sauce over it! Mmm! The complementary ice cream for dessert is a major perk, especially when you are trying to be frugal with your Limo Bus Houston group. Their specialty drinks are just amazing, giant frozen concoctions that will have your tastebuds singing in pleasure. The bomb pop drink is just one example of that, all festive in white and red. The covered patio is surely somewhere that you'll enjoy hanging out. We've got to say, they have some of the very best service in town, though you might find a long wait to be seated because they are so popular!

6519 Fm 2100 Rd, Crosby, TX 77532

(281) 328-6100

Straight Off the Road BBQ

Straight Off the Road BBQ is a top choice and an affordable one, right here in the Crosby area for our Limo Bus Houston customers. We've been fans of this place ever since they were just a food truck! They've come so far and we've enjoyed watching that journey. There's a lot of room here for your bigger groups and we think you'll really enjoy the mounted deer heads on the walls. The food is always ready super fast and it's all good... They've got a nice toppings bar with pickles, onions, tomatoes, and all that good stuff, and you get your own drinks too, which we like. The venison sausage is one of the things that they are best known for and we're also big fans of the sliced beef sandwiches, the loaded baked potatoes with beef, and of course the classic chicken fried steak.

6899 FM 2100, Crosby, TX 77532

(281) 328-7144